Information on how to earn Reward Points

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  • Points for Every Order: All users earn 1x points if they order less than 12 hours before the delivery time.
  • Order Well Ahead of Time: Users who order more than 12 hours before the delivery time get 3x points (on food and beverage cost only).
  • Order from highlighted caterers Earn more points with Nationwide Cater orders when ordering from highlighted caterers and earn 2x, 3x, 4x, up to 7x points
  • Review your Caterers: Users who place an online review for caterers get 100 points (no limit). Users are allowed to leave a review and earn points up to 45 days after an order was placed.
  • Review NW Cater: Users who leave a Trustpilot Review about NW Cater get 500 points one-time.
  • Refer a New Caterer: Users who suggest a new caterer get 500 points after the restaurant signs up (no limit). Only valid if the restaurant is not already in our network.
  • Refer a New User: Users who refer a friend or co-worker can earn up to 50,000 points. Once your referral places an order you get 100 points. If multiple users refer the same person, the last user gets 1 point for every dollar their referral spends on food and beverages within 2 years. In order for referral points to be collected, the person referring a friend, needs to place min. 1 order per year themselves.

General Note: The reward program can be changed without notice.

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