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Nationwide Cater links savvy business people up with trustworthy caterers just like you, across a lot of different locations. We help restaurant partners grow their individual businesses and can’t wait to make you our next success story.

No Commitments- Do a Taste Test!

You’re not locked into anything when you join Nationwide Cater. Unsure about how it’s all going to work? Do a taste test and try us out. You are free to sample our services, send us your menu, and let us work for you. In exchange for our services, we ask for a commission on orders you accept via our platform. We only make money when you do, so there is a mutual goal to succeed.

Cross Nationwide Advertising

Because we service across the US, we have the ability to advertise to a multitude of taste buds. This means that your reach can expand across the country, and hit as many people as have mouths. That’s a lot of people! Let us advertise your cuisine across multiple outlets and watch as your sales grow.

How Nationwide Cater Works

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Nationwide Cater is expanding across the United States but is currently focusing on the New York tri-state area.