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Less Waste,
More Taste!

Nationwide Cater specializes in saving time, not wasting it! You can now focus on selling your product instead of getting sidelined with arranging a catering menu. Chefs can fine-tune their dishes while servers present grumbling stomachs with your offerings. Nationwide Cater does the middle-man work so there’s less time wasted, and more food tasted.

Do it your way, every day!

Nationwide Cater provides the service, but you are the boss. Dictate tipping policies, general budgets, and costs per person. Keep your employees up-to-date on any situation that might lie outside the scope of what you’ve predetermined. Reduce the stress, but stay in control of your business.

Save Smartly!

You save money, time, and effort with our Recycling nwRewards Program. Each company that works with Nationwide Cater earns between a 1-10% return on every single order. These percentage will quickly add up, and you’ll rapidly see your bottom line rise.

Smart Phones

Save Time, Save Money, and Gain Productivity

  • Available Online 24/7

    Create, cancel or modify orders anytime at your convenience.

  • Online Receipts

    Print out your online receipts to keep track of your spending.

  • nwRewards As Discounts

    Earn points for future discounts or redeem your rewards via amazon gift cards.

Track Food
Information on how to earn Reward Points

Points for Every Order: All users earn 1x points if they order less than 12 hours before the delivery time.

Order Well Ahead of Time: Users who order more than 12 hours before the delivery time get 3x points (on food and beverage cost only).

Review your Caterers: Users who place an online review for caterers get 100 points (no limit). Users are allowed to leave a review and earn points up to 45 days after an order was placed.

Order from highlighted caterers: Earn more points with Nationwide Cater orders when ordering from highlighted caterers and earn 2x, 3x, 4x, up to 7x points.

Ensure Compliance

Review NW Cater: Users who leave a Trustpilot Review about NW Cater get 500 points one-time.

Refer a New Caterer: Users who suggest a new caterer get 200 points after the restaurant signs up (no limit). Only valid if the restaurant is not already in our network.

Refer a New User: Users who refer a friend or co-worker can earn up to 50,000. Once your referral places an order you get 100 points and (referral gets 500 points on first order.) If multiple users refer the same person, the last user gets 1 point for every dollar their referral spends on food and beverages within 2 years. In order for referral points to be collected, the person referring a friend needs to place a min. 1 order per year themselves.

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Nationwide Cater is expanding across the United States but is currently focusing on the New York tri-state area.