Corporate Catering Can Go Creative

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Corporate Catering Can Go Creative

COVID-19 has created tough times ahead for those working in the hospitality and travel sector. Social distancing means no crowd, events, or celebrations. Of course, it is a tough time for those who thought that the new decade will bring some happiness unlimited.

According to a June 2019 report published by a reliable online resource, there are 12,000 establishments generating revenue of more than $8 billion. Perhaps there are more hotels, restaurants, caterers, and food service contractors but they are not registered under the catering industry.

What that is going to be truly difficult is a post-COVID business for all these food establishments. Here in the following few paragraphs, a reflection on what can actually happen if the right planning and strategies are followed are written. For survival and for flourishing, caterers need to adopt new technologies and embrace creativity to bring out the competent self.

The government around the world has come up with some of the most beneficial policies to help smaller businesses survive, then why your catering dreams should suffer.

This too shall pass, but right now what needs to be done is to have an analysis of the market and then strategize some creative ideas. Restaurants can still sail through this hardship because the government has approved on takeaways. Caterers are those who need real introspections into their business.   

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Think Out of the Box

There is no end to the creativity one can bring into the making of dishes, serving it, and even in the packaging. Dive into some creative ideas and you may come up as a superstar.

If you have ever visited Singapore, and you are into the restaurant business, you would definitely know the name Janice Wong; she is a pastry chef and an artist. What makes her sweets different is that her desserts are described as interactive, edible art. Her chocolate collection is one of its kinds and she faces no competition.

If Janice Wong prepares a dish, it will be the focal point where art is converted into delicacies. So, sometimes one must go unconventional in getting attention from the crowd.  Caterers can brainstorm within their team to decide how the menu can be made differently.  If it is for corporate catering, out of the box ideas can bring true joy.

The food you serve affects the mood of the occasion. It is not a joke when wise men say that food affects the mood. Know what to serve nutrient values of the ingredients and create options that nobody can refuse.

If you had been following news this quarantine time, a bakery named Lady BIRD Bakery would have got into your notice. The restaurant is selling something called ‘Quarantine Cookies’ that have interesting messages on it such as ‘Wash your hands’, ‘Clean and Disinfect’, and ‘Do not touch your face.

When Lady BIRD Bakery become an overnight sensation in Houston; inside the borders of India, a bakery in West Bengal came up with Corona Sandesh. Sandesh is a dish typical to the state of West Bengal in India. These are the humblest efforts showcased by the caterers and restaurants to succeed in this survival of the fittest war.

Provide Value Additions to the Society

This is the time when everybody is looking for hygienic food options. More than involving in committed service, if you are an established caterer, it is the time to show the power of corporate social responsibility.

Staples Center in Los Angeles drew attention when the store along with its catering team Levy Restaurants, donated 7,000 pounds of food to the homeless. I am sure if you are a startup, the stunts will be slanted towards the survival plans.

However, if you can afford to do something for the society, at this hour of emergency, the neighborhood or the state or even the world will never forget your brand name.  

In the United States, many restaurants have come up with innovative ways to make more money in the current scenario. Though regular diners may not come into the restaurants, the great marketing souls are targeting the calendar holidays because they know there will be some of the other small gatherings that will happen.

A few others are encouraging buying gift vouchers which can be used post-COVID. Then there are enthusiastic marketing strategies devised by first-line managers to create more take away demands. Well, whatever is your reason to survive in the market; it will only give you the strength to face adversities. While we wait for this Pandemic to end, believe in your business, skills, and just keep going.