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Star Caterer for Corporate Houses

Cautious resumption of work has started in all the major cities in the US. Now that many food outlets and restaurants are closed, corporate houses need trustworthy caterers to feed their employees. Caterers are finding creative ways to stay afloat in this crisis situation. However, only a few are actually considering COVID-19 regulatory measures above earning money.

Contactless packaged meals on the stands to special heating instructions, companies like NW Cater is a blessing to those employees who risks their health in coming to their workplace. By letting them go out for meals, companies are pushing them to dangerous situations.

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Productivity Rise

NW Cater solutions are for busy professionals who try to avoid distractions in the workplace. Taking 1 or more hours of break time to have a meal outside the office building is not anymore a realistic goal for businesses. First, many eateries will be closed, and second, finding the right and safe eatery will be time-consuming.

In a time where companies are gearing up for a strong comeback, each moment counts.  NWcater platform is a powerful place, where the companies can undertake bulk orders, or individuals can place orders according to their interest. Most of the favorite restaurants in your neighborhood have collaborated with NW Cater, check out

Clear Tracking

Timeliness and punctuality are the 2 good attitudes an employee can have in a corporate set up. Anybody associated with a business too is expected to have these positive attitudes. The COVID-19 situation has slowed everything from public movement and service speed. In such a scenario, to have an uninterrupted lunch distribution or any other meal plan, rely on platforms that give clear details with no complications. Account history, payment details, online receipts, and other details can all be received in one click.

Expense Management

In the current economic situation, the intention of all the organization is to control budgets and spend in a minimalistic way. Monitoring spending and controlling expenses on corporate meal plan is a piece of cake with NW Cater platform. One can set limits on cost per person and get up to date reports. The system can be set in such a way that administrators will be notified, if the orders exceed the set expenditure limits or goes par any parameters set by the management.

Consolidated Invoice

If yours is an organization that would want to make multiple orders from different restaurants and caterers, NW Cater has facilities for that too. Order from any place and pay only for the consolidated bill at the end of the month. This way, no tension of calculating individual bills, payment requirements for different dates, missed out payment dates, etc.

NW Cater platform is for that corporate house that ensures the happiness of the employees, helps the professionals set higher goals, and avoid unnecessary distractions to achieve all the goals. All the outlets and caterers associated with NW Cater are checked for food safety standards and quality. Explore all opportunities with us.