Catering for business meetings & events

Earn up to 10x in Rewards.



Feed the Team

Businesses work hard and companies need to eat! Nationwide Cater offers online ordering, timely deliveries, and top-notch reviews. Our premier customer service means we put you and your team first every time.

Time’s an Issue? No more!

Nationwide Cater has a crafty online ordering and order-on-demand system. You don’t have to worry about calling a restaurant and translating your dietary needs anymore. With Nationwide Cater, our digital forum allows you to find just the right restaurants with the click of a button. Easily filter by location, budget, and cuisine. Order, modify, or cancel and get the food you crave.

Order more, earn more!

Nationwide Cater's unique reward-points program can earn you 1-10% of what you spend on food and beverages in nwRewards points for every order you place. The more you order, the more points you’ll earn! Your points can be redeemed through Amazon, or be used for future discounts when you order food. Enjoy eating!

How Can Nationwide Cater Work for You?

Nationwide Cater connects businesses and caterer restaurants to make placing and fulfilling orders a breeze. Businesses feed their teams while saving time and money. Restaurants get more orders with less hassle. Learn more about what Nationwide Cater can do for you.